Preliminary review of Client financial position and an

evaluation on a Critical Eligibility Checklist.

Subsequently, upon mutual acceptance, a signing of the

Letter of Agreement, constituting the Service and

Consultancy Fee and Letter of Authorisation for the relevant

Banking and Company Documents, signifying client mandate

for STFA appointment.

STFA will initiate origination and facilitation with bank(s)

loan/trade product matching. Conduct further checklist

review; rectifying ‘red flags’ issues, exercising due diligence

on banks application forms and accompanying documents.

All the while, STFA ensure confidentiality to all parties unless prior client consent is obtained. Status update to our client on the application during processing will be maintained via sms.

Normal processing duration take from 7 to 21 days, varying from bank to bank, for Letter of Offer to be given.
At this success stage, STFA will then collect the S & C Fee, not earlier. Thereupon, ‘draw down’ of funds will take another 7 - 14 days

WHAT IF Things don’t work out...

We will seek out the negative factors and will advise Client to make adjustments, prior resubmission to other alternative banks or Financial institutions for positive outcomes.

$uccessful !!!